How to have a great night sleep

Sleep has been said to be the best way to keep stress at bay and to maintain your productivity at high levels. Arianna Huffington has penned a book on the importance of sleep by the name the sleep revolution where she insists that we need to be sleeping more to thrive.

She even goes ahead to narrate a story on how she fell and broke a bone due to insufficient sleep.

Arianna is not the only person who knows the importance of sleep. Most successful entrepreneurs swear by sleep and even go ahead to take power naps every afternoon. So, let’s look at things that you need to look into if you are sleeping to a goodnight sleep.

  • Keep the air in your bedroom pure and odourless

People who live with chain smokers might find that they are not able to inhale smoke free air. While this makes sleeping difficult, it also poses a threat on the health of one’s lungs.

One of the ways to make the air in your bedroom pure, smoke and dust free is by having an air purifier. We found a review of the Honeywell purifier with true heap filters which is said to be the best thing that would help keep your room air clean.

  • Keep off all the tech from your bedroom

You should avoid having woofers, television sets, smart phones and laptops from your bedroom. This way, your sleep is not distracted by any news, messages or social media notifications. You need to start treating your bedroom as a sanctuary where you rest your body and mind so that you will feel revived and rejuvenated for another day.

  • Have a sleep routine

It could be that you read before sleeping, do some HIIT or maybe you lift weights so that you can then drift to slumber land. Well, it doesn’t matter but could you kindly make it a routine?

With a routine, your body will get acclimatized to this so that when  you engage in the routine, your body will slowly rest for sleep.

  • Read only hard copy books

Avoid going to bed with ebooks. I think it is now clear that no tech products should get into your bedroom. So that pushes ebooks out of the equation.

Instead you could do physical hard copies for your reading and enjoyment.  The great thing about hardcopies is that they are friendly to the eye and do not produce any blue light that night hurt your eyes

  • Keep lights to the minimum or out

Your bedroom is no disco or operating room where they need colourful or harsh lights. No, it is a sleeping area where your eyes get accustomed that with darkness comes sleep.

Therapeutic toys for cerebral palsy

Other than offering play and fun, toys can be therapeutic devices for kids with cerebral palsy. They can help with fostering pretend games, give companionship as well as help with coordination and cognitive ability growth. It is therefore of importance that as a parent, you select the best toys for cerebral palsy kids.

In this post, we look at how some of these toys help with cp therapy.

Kids with cerebral palsy will need toys that will enhance their fine motor skills, speech as well as upper body movement. When you get your kid with cerebral palsy some legos block, you are also helping the kid with coordination since they are able to learn how things are supposed to be well coordinated.

Watching my kid build bungalows and flats of apartments using legos block, I cannot help but just love how artistic the young fellow is growing up to be. I think he might grow to be an engineer, lol. He is able to learn that the big blocks should be used in the foundation while the thinner, smaller blocks come at the top. This helps with maintaining the centre of gravity and stability of the block building.

Musical toys help the kid with their artistry as well as memorizing words. This way, a kid who loves using musical toys is also slowly learning how to speak by imitating words in a song.

The use of puzzle games helps a child in growing their cognitive ability. They are able to use logic and know what matches where and what cannot go where.

Other than play toys, you can also get your kid some robotic toys for companionship. A kid with cerebral palsy might be so bored as they grow up. This is because normal kids might not want to associate with them. So the kid tends to be a loner and craves for someone to talk and play with. Robotic toys can offer help here. While we do not encourage that you abandon your child since you got them some robotic toy, the toy can be bought so that the kid spends some time with it when there are no people close to them.

Making Toileting a Good experience for the elderly

I always find some toilets to be just discriminatory. Simply because you are able to go low when you are emptying your bowels does not mean that everyone else is able to do so with ease. There are some people struggling. Yes, the struggle is real.

There are those who are just too obese to be able to do strenuous activities as go down when they want to relieve themselves. There are those who are elderly, disabled or even handicapped and therefore find it hard or even forget to wipe their bums after going to the toilet. There are others who have gone through some knee or hip surgery operations and therefore things get hard. Others have boils right in their anus and so things are quite tricky.

And that is why at Ilmercato restaurant, we try to understand all these groups of people and give them a toileting experience that is equalizing all without making it a tad difficult to defecate or get up after the exercise. And so we have some modifications that would suit all no matter the challenge that they might be going through.

So let us dig into the adaptations that we have brought on board.

  • Raised toilet seats for the elderly and handicapped

While the normal toilet seat is about 17” most of the elderly and handicapped people are not able to handle this. They want a toilet that is a little bit higher than this. And so we have in our restaurant some toilet seat risers that are about 5” high which are ideal for people who have heard knee and hip surgeries.

For people who have had the hip replacement operation, they are usually advised that they should not have their knees above their hips when they go to the toilet. With a standard sized toilet seat, this is not possible and their hips and knees do not make at least a 90 degrees angle as is recommended. This causes lots of pain to the patient and even makes it hard for them to get well.

  • Wiping aids

Obese peole find that their arms are quite short and really not able to go to their backs in order to wipe off their poop. So in such cases, the person if they do not find a solution will go ahead and shower or use a bidet to wipe themselves. But most do not like washing everytime they go to the toilet. So they are craving some nice custom solutions like the Buckingham toilet wipe that ensures the person is able to clean themselves even when they are not able to reach their perianal area.

What the Buckingham easywipe does is that it gives you extension to reach your bum. It is able to hold tightly both some toilet paper as well as wet wipes to clean your bum. Those who have used it really do praise it for making things quite easy for them

  • Bidet toilet seats

You do not have to carry some water around as you go to the toilet. No, with our bidet toilet seat attachments, you are able to sit tight, do your thing and then go ahead to wash with the attached bidet. It has remote control so that you do not have to touch anything. It is also electric and can therefore warm your water so that you do not have to use chilly water that might make you catch a cold wiping.

On top of all these, the bidet has warm air for drying your butt after you are done. So you are able to go back to your activities when you are neat and clean. We have added deodorizers so that the toilet and you will smell awesomely good and no one needs to know where you exactly were.

The Shame of Male Incontinence and How to Deal With it

Understanding Male Incontinence, how to cure and live with it

If there is one thing that really destroys a man’s ego and makes their self esteem hit rock bottom, it is the inability to control their bladder and the thought of wearing male incontinence diapers that comes with this disability. The condition unsettles a man. It makes them feel vulnerable and weak. Though aged women might also have to battle with the condition, they are a little bit more ready now that they are used to wearing sanitary diapers, could get incontinence due to fistula and other medical conditions. But for a man, it never gives them time to be ready to battle with it. And so they start leaving in denial, self-pity and what-not.

How urine flows

In order to understand incontinence, we need to first understand how urine flows. Urine comes from the kidneys which play a key role of filtering. So the kidney filters toxins and forms urine that goes to the bladder. Once the bladder is full, a signal is sent to the brain which then instructs the urethra on the penis to let out the urine. This is when you feel the urge to urinate. For incontinent people, the signalling is not good and so their bladders get filled up without their knowledge and spills over the urine through their urethra.

It could also be:

That your bladder squeezes too hard at the wrong time when it aint full yet

Muscles around your urethra aren’t working too well

Your bladder doesn’t get empty when it should do

Your urinary tract didnt form really well when you were in your mother’s womb.

What causes male incontinence

According to Medicinenet, here are the possible causes of male incontinence at night:

  1. Weak or damaged bladder muscles
  2. Prostrate issues
  3. Nerve damage esp those men with diabetes
  4. Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis
  5. Overactive bladder where it pushes at the wrong time involuntarily without you wanting to urinate.

Different types of urine incontinence

Urinary incontinence is of different types which we explore here:

Urge incontinence— in this case, you feel the urge to go to the toilet all the times. At times, the urge is so fast that you are not able to reach the toilet before you wet your pants.

Stress incontinence

This occurs when you stress some parts of your body. For example say a sneeze causing you to urinate on yourself, standing up or coughing. It is cause stress incontinence because it occurs after you have stressed your urethra by standing, sitting, sneezing ,coughing or even talking.

Functional incontinence–this type of men are able to hold up their urine but not well enough so that they find that they are not able to control their bladders as well as they used to do sometimes back.

Overflow incontinence–this occurs when your bladder gets filled up without your knowledge or an alert from the central nervous system and this causes an overflow which you only note once you have wet your pants.

Mixed incontinence–this is a mixture of all the above named types of urinary incontinence.

Can male incontinence be cured?

According to Mayoclinic, the following treatments can be used for male incontinence

  1. Anticholinergics
  2. Mirabegron 
  3. Alpha blockers
  4. Topical estrogen

Adaptive living for men with incontience

1.Bladder training— this involves holding your urine in before letting it loose

2.Double voiding–where you empty your bladder and then try again to push it out. This ensures that it is completely empty. Personally, I have tried this where I ask my elderly to urinate three times in a day, and three times in the night. This helps to make sure that their bladders are being emptied even though the brain might not be sending signals to their bodies that they need to empty them.

3. Use of male incontinence guards. There are pouches that men who are incontinent can buy to help them control their bladders. Some of these include depends, prevail, maximum absorbency and tena male guards.

How to Choose the Best Recliner for a Tall Big Man

Most big and tall men encounter a real hassle when buying a recliner. This group of the population faces such issues not only with recliners but also with most other goods in the market. To make it easier for them, we have put in our time and expertise to ensure that we address their problems. The below guide seeks to help you in sourcing high-quality products when you are out there shopping for the best tall man recliner.

Why choose a sizeable sized recliner?

The large-sized reclines are the ultimate choice for the tall or big man because they help ease back pains and are generally more comfortable than office chairs. In comparison to standard recliners, the large-sized one is suitable for a large man because it offers much-needed support and is safe for maximum relaxation.

When one is big and tall, the standard furniture will not offer you the comfort and support your body needs. Despite this, we believe that every man should be able to access a recliner that gives him all the comfort and rest he needs to relax.

If you are wondering how to choose the best recliner for a big and tall man, you are in the right place.

With millions of recliner available in the market here are some of the bases to help you choose the best recliner

Size and the weight capacity

There are numerous recliners designed explicitly with the tall big man in mind. Such recliners measure way above the average recliner seat for maximum support and comfort. Always check the weight capacity of the recliner to ensure that you get one according to your weight and comfort.

Quality and durability

A good recliner should not only be of unique quality but also offer you’re the best services for a very long time. As you look around to make sure that your choice is constructed using sturdy materials with metal frames for more reinforcement. Soft, high-quality leather is a preferred choice for more softness and durable.


Among the things that will play a vital role in the comfort of your recliner is the back of the recliner, the second part is its footrest and other supporting structures.  To help you zero in, you can look at the stuffed back as well as the arm cushions. Some recliners have over resiliency foam cushions, as well as the warmth of supply microfibers made from polyester.  You should be able to adjust to any position for maximum comfort.

Rich functionality

Always be on the watch out for the variety of features that make your recliner even more special.  Imagine one with a pull tab reclining motion when you want that well-deserved nap. Talking about features, if you want a more out of the world experience, you can choose one that eases you back with just a simple touch of a button.

Easy to assemble

Some models are enticing when they are in the shop. However, they can quickly become a nightmare when you set out to assemble. Look for one with easy instruction on how to assemble and has all the hardware and tools required.


The above valuable information will help you in choosing the perfect big and tall recliner for maximum comfort .posture and health.

Audio Over stimulation and how to go about it for kids with sensory processing disorder

Children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD as well as other sensory processing disorders might find it that they are having audio overstimulation and will be uncomfortable in discos, parties, social gatherings, school dining halls or family-get-togethers where everyone is chatting animatedly and making all sorts of noise. They suffer from what VerywellHealth terms as sensory overload. The kid will find it that the sounds are too much for them and will be unable to concentrate or have focus on anything else. To avoid this, there are some special noise reduction headphones for autism that work to reduce this noise by muffling the excessive noises.

While most people would want to completely block all the noises so that the child can focus on what they are doing without blocking their ears with their arms or having a meltdown, I would not advise on the same. This is because when you completely cancel out all the noise, you are posing a safety challenge. What if the kid has their name called out for an emergency, has cars honking at him on the road and he has all the outside noise cancelled? It would be very unsafe. Therefore, my best advice is  to use gadgets that reduce the noise by a good noise reduction rating in decibels.

Characteristics of an autistic child that tells you they need to use noise reduction gadgets

  1. Tries to cover their ears in noisy places
  2. Runs away when there is too much audio stimulations
  3. Fidgets all through and moves fingers, legs or head
  4. Might fight or look anxious.

Things to look out for when buying noise reduction headphones or earmuffs

  • Noise reduction rating in decibels

The ideal NRR should be between 20-26 decibels. This NRR rating will be displayed on the packaging of the headphone that yuou are buying. A smaller NRR than 20 is not ideal since the kid will still be overpowered by the environmental noises. A NRR greater than 26 db is still not a good one because the child will not be able to hear any vital sounds such as when their names are called out, when a car honks at them on the road or when there is a siren going off; this could pose a safety concern.

  • Soft padding of the headband

The headband is the plastic part that goes over the head of the child connecting the two ear pads. The headband needs to be well padded to cushion the child so that they feel comfortable wearing it.

  • Earbuds that rest on top of the ear and not going in

A child would be uncomfortable wearing small earphones that go into the ear. It would also not muffle as much sounds as one earbud that is covering the ears.

  • Smooth edges and no rough corners

When selecting the best noise reducing headphones for your child, go for those that have smooth edges so that they do not bruise or hurt your child when they are wearing them.

Places where the autistic child needs to wear the noise reduction headphones

Some of the places to wear headphones that will muffle the audio overstimulation include:

  • In theatre halls
  • School dining halls
  • Movie halls
  • On busy streets
  • At parties
  • Discos

Getting Golf Grips for Arthritic Person

If you thought that getting your golfing grips was tough simply because you are suffering from hyperhidrosis or are playing the game in the most humid of temperatures, then you have not met an arthritic person trying to get golf grips that are going to suit them. For one, they are suffering from joint stiffness and man, isn’t arthritis painful! So coupled with looking for grips that are made of durable material, are of optimal size, have good firmness and offer good traction, they also have to look for something that is arthritis friendly; something that is not going to aggravate the hurt in their joints but is going to give them something to exercise those joints!

In this post therefore, I will dig into what are the key things that you need to look into when buying your best arthritic golf grips.

  • Size

Most golfers will tell you that size is the number one thing that you need to pay close attention when you are buying golfing grips. And sure, size is. You see you need to have an optimal size that is going to get you the right shots while not overdoing it or underdoing it. Too small size will underdo your shot and push you behind the competition by a few shots. You go for extra big sizes and again the story does not get any better.

  • Firmness

We usually say that the medium firm grips are the best to work with. But when you have arthritis, they might not be. Actually, the soft grip grips which are looked down upon by professional golfers might turn out to be your thing. Why? You want comfort. You want comfortable grips that are going to be soft and gentle on your arms and therefore you can lax a little about the performance.

  • Texture of the grips

Medium texture of the golf grips give you that much needed traction and tackiness that enable you to hold the golf club easily without it slipping away. It also enables you to have the best shots possible. While soft texture might be great since it is also gentle on our hands, you might find that the club is slipping away everytime you want to make a hit.

  • Weight

When you have arthritis, you have to think of the extra weight that the grip is going to add to your club. Experts advise on your getting lightweight grips that are not going to overburden your hands with too much weighty grips.

  • Shock absorption capacity

You want grips that are going to dampen the vibration so that it is not transferred to your arthritic joints aggravating the pain that you already have.

Speeding up Speech in an autistic child

When you have an autistic child, they tend not to speak. Actually, they tend to develop slower than all the other children in your block and this can really get on your nerves especially if you are a first time parent who is hell bent on having their kids develop like all the other kids in the neighbourhood. But when the kid is diagnosed with autism, it really gets you upset and you really do not know how to deal with this.

In this post, we look at ways that you can help your nonverbal kid speak. But before that, we need to look at pointers that show that your child has verbal problems:

  1. Does not maintain eye contact
  2. Does not mimic you
  3. Does not babble words or show interest in doing so
  4. Does not follow gestures or make any on their own
  5. Tends to play alone and avoids all social interactions with others
  6. Has echolalia at an age where all the other kids are speaking and chatting away animatedly
  7. Preoccupied with lone play

Some of the above signs are good indicators of autism as explained on however, you need to ask an occupational therapist or special needs teacher to assess your child so that it is well established what kind of problem they are having.

Once you have established that they have nonverbal autism, you can help them in the following ways to develop speech:

  1. Get them toys that have speakers and will spike imitation. This website has already listed some of the best toys for nonverbal autism so that you can peruse and even head on to buy. When using the toys, once the child has learnt all the sounds, you can remove all the batteries so that the child makes the sounds on their own.
  2. Encourage them to respond–as you interact with the kiddo, encourage them to make communications and always wait for their responses for any questions that you raise or anytime you need them to say something. You can do this by looking intentively at them and waiting for them to make some sounds
  3. One word at a time–when teaching your kid how to speak, take them one word at a time. Never two words but one until they master it. You can for example teach them on words about emotions for example ‘sad’, ‘happy’, ‘excited’ and use cards that have the said expressions. Then when the kid learns to say the words and connects them to the expressions, you can head on to to words and then a phrase of words.
  4. Imitate the kid–when the child is speaking, even if it might be a babble, imitate it so that they can feel appreciated.

Gadgets for your teenager with autism

Popular Toys for Teenagers with Autism

Autism is surely a limiting disorder that makes your kid unable to have effective communication with others. It also inhibits social interactions such that your kid is not able to make friends easily, are not able to date or form meaningful relationships with others.

Autistic people suffer from sensory processing disorder where they get overstimulated by a certain sensation. Say for example that they walk into a hall full of people and they are sure to feel overwhelmed by the noise, smell and even lights. Their sense of touch is also affected. If an autistic person is touched lightly, they feel bad since they want deep pressure.

In this post, we ask Eshter Wells who is an expert on autism as well as a special needs teacher to tell us about the needs of autistic people especially when they hit adolescence years.

Noise cancelling headphones

Kids with autism are surely over-stimulated by noises and sounds that normal teenagers would not be put off by. They will for example feel overwhelmed when they walk into a dance hall, disco or party that has blaring music. Taking dinner in the school dinner hall is also something big for them since they will be overstimulated by the noises, talks, jeers and cheers of the other students as they animatedly talk. Therefore, to beat this auditory stimulations, one can think of getting noise cancelling headphones that have been found to be truly effective in controlling or even cancelling the sounds.

Other than headphones that are rather too conspicuous, you could also get some earbuds for your kids. They are also good in how they work and you are assured that they will be great in reducing the noise so that the unwanted sounds are muffled and the kid is only able to hear conversations that they want to listen to. These gadgets can be used in:

  • Restaurants
  • School dining hall
  • Streets
  • Grocery store
  • Shopping store

Caution however need to be taken especially for kids who want to wear the gadgets when they are walking on the road since they could cancel out car horns or any other sounds that might be warning the kid to act promptly and this could end up in avoidable accidents.

Weighted compression vests

Science has proven that time and again compression vests work awesomely to reduce anxiety in both autistic as well as Parkinson’s patients. How this works is that the person wearing the vest feels as though they are getting a deep hug. This has the effect of making them feel calm and rested.

You can either buy the compression vest or make your own using beads or any other heavy material eg sand that can be sewn into the fabric to make it weighted. The science has also been used to make weighted blankets and weighted lap pads which have the same effect of reducing anxiety as well as curing people from insomnia.

Sensory Boards for Tactile Needs

Kids on the spectrum have sensory needs that can best be addressed with sensory boards that come with latches, all types of locks, colorful numbers as well as punch things such as calculators. You could also have chains, spin wheels, cogs and gears. All these address the tactile needs of the child. Other than buying, one could also make their diy sensory board as explained here.

Robotic pets for companionship

As we have mentioned before, kids with autism suffer from loneliness. This is partly because they are treated as social weirdoes by the other kids in the school and partly because they lack social skills for example, they have mind blindness that makes them lack empathy for others. Because of their preoccupation on vague things, other kids in the school will not want to be associated with them and will therefore avoid them like a plague.

To beat this loneliness, parents can invest in robotic pets that are great companions. The robotic pets are also snugly and good to hold and embrace making you feel like you have that friend. Robotic pets have been used by people with dementia or just aged and socially isolated with great results.

Obese people and trouble toileting

Want to Wipe but Hands too Short?

We have already discussed the different ways that we look at hygiene at our hotel since we are geared to make your stay here as best as possible. But then there are always problems here and there even we want to provide the best services. People with obesity usually do come and they have trouble wiping.

The first thing that we advise them is not to use tissues but rather wet wipes since they are way better and will help the person wipe cleanly. Other than use of that, we also advise them to think of using bidets that are installed in all our bathrooms. We have found them to be very effective and since our hotel are open to people from all denominations, do not feel stigmatized carrying a lota or using a bidet to do your think in the toilet. No one is going to ask you or look at you in a funny way.

Different Wiping aids for people with Obesity or disability

We can advise you on the different wiping aids for obese or disabled people. Some of these include the bottom buddy, the freedom wand, the juvo toilet aid with caddy as well as the Buckingham easywipe butt wiper when one is travelling.

All these butt wipers are long enough so as to extend to your butt hole so that you can wipe with ease even despite your disability. The bottom buddy is for example 11 inches while the freedom wand is approximately 21 inches since it has an extender. They also come with a small bag that you can pack into for easy storage as well as for when you are on a trip.

The best that I would approve for those who are looking to use a wiping aid is the freedom wand since it can be used for wiping your anus, shaving aid, for applying ointment as well as a washing aid to reach your back. The downside is that it is rather expensive and if you are on a budget, I would advise you to use the bottom buddy toilet tissue aid which you can see reviewed here.