There is nothing as disappointing as getting to the golf course only to forget an essential item home. A golfer requires more than clubs in their golf bag so as to be comfy while playing their game. If you prepare well and ensure that you have everything you require for your game can make golfing enjoyable. Here are 15 items that you should include in your best golf carrier:

14 Items that you must have in your bag

  1. Golf Balls (New and Old) – The new balls can assist you to play better while you can use the old ones to practice. A good golfer needs a good number of golf balls but not excess as it can make your bag heavy and make you tired.
  2. Rain Hood – Before you go to the course ensure that you check the weather and in case there is any chance of rain, it is important to pack an umbrella, rain jacket, and rain hood.
  3. Writing equipments – You will require a pen, pencil, and sharpie to fill out the scorecard and also it will assist you to mark your balls for ease of identification. It is easy to confuse your ball with someone else’s and this is not something you would like to experience.
  4. Bug Spray and Sun Screen – The sunscreen ensures that your skin remain protected from the harmful sun rays while the bug spray will protect you from the bites.
  5. Water Bottle – Carrying a water bottle is essential especially during hot days. Almost every golf course has water filling place to assist to keep golfers feeling fresh and hydrated.
  6. USGA rule book – The rule book is necessary if you’re not sure about how to move your ball past a certain obstruction or penalty for committing certain mistakes in golfing.
  7. Gloves – Don’t forget to bring extra gloves in your bag in case your glove is ripped or your friends need to borrow as well. Good golf gloves are those made of leather or an additional stretch.
  8. Tees – Do not forget to come with some tees that you will require for 18 holes. The best thing about the tees is that it can be used as a divot tool, ball maker, and teeing up the golf. I would suggest that you have a three in one tool than assist you to better your game.
  9. Towel – It is common for golfers to have a bad shot once in a while and having a towel can help you to wipe off your club so that you can have a nice and clean surface required for the next shot.
  10. Snacks – As you walk the course carrying a loaded golf bag, you will get hungry and you may require something to eat. It is important to carry some snacks such as fruit which can act as energizers.
  11. First Aid Kit – There are times you will get into the woods to look for golf balls and you can get cut. Also, you can develop muscle pain and blisters and a first aid kit will help you nurse any form of injury.
  12. Golf shoes –The golf shoes are specifically made to ensure that you play your game comfortably. The shoe offers you support in any form of soil or weather situation.
  13. Golf Tape – The golf tapes normally protects your fingers from blisters.
  14. Business Cards – Golfing is a social game and you may never know who you will meet on the course. It is important to always have some business cards just in case.

Final Thought

The article discusses 14 must have items in your bag. I agree there may be other items, but this are the essential items that you need to have in your bag.

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