Trampoline for Autistic Children

Trampolines have been said to be great for children on the autism spectrum disorder because they help children spend lots of energy. The rebounder is also good in helping your child exercise their muscles and refine their motor skills.

Studies have also shown that bouncing on a trampoline could get your child excited, animated to the point of vocalizing more words. Parents of late talkers have therefore adopted the rebounder into their attempts to get their children to develop expressive language.

Reports written about trampoline therapy have shown that it is successful once you do it frequently while incorporating other forms of therapy such as speech or ABA.

Having a trampolining at the park comes with its set of challenges though. Mostly on safety. You will find that at the trampoline park, your kid is going to jump on a rebounder that is too crowded. There could be big children doing dangerous antics that your small child might copy unsafely. At the same time due to the crowding, your child could be hurt through fractures or even bruises as the bigger children do dangerous gymnastics and jumping antics.

A safer approach is to have a mini-trampoline that you kept indoors in your home. With a skybound trampoline, for example, your kid is able to stay contained and jump alone on the rebounder. The skybound mini trampoline is small enough for just one kid while still enhancing their safety by having nets as well as soft padding so that your child does not get hurt as they jump on your rebounder.

Still, safety needs to be looked into so that your child is jumping safely. Reports by the American Academy of Pediatrics have given certain suggestions to make your kid trampolining safe. While most of the suggestion are debatable, they are a good starting point that tells you how to do kid rebounding safe. So make sure to observe the following

  1. That the child is at least 6 years old. If they are younger, an adult should supervise them as they jump
  2. That your trampoline has safety nets and pads
  3. That your trampoline is not too high from the ground. At the same time, the ground should be soft enough. You could have a mattress or a good foam carpet so that in case your child falls off, they are not going to get that hurt by the hard ground.
  4. That your child jumps alone on the trampoline. If there are too many children, they should jump on the rebounder by giving each other chances
  5. That your child is only doing some simple jump antics. Difficult gymnastics are not to be tried.

Activities to do on your trampoline

Even though we state that your child should not do complicated antics on the trampoline, there are still lots of activities that they could try out. Some of these include

  1. Simple 100 jumps
  2. Jumping as the child dances
  3. Jumping as the child sings
  4. Jumping as they seat
  5. Jumping as the child counts or recites the ABCs to Z

Eating with Parkinsons Adaptive Utensils

When one has Parkinson’s disease, it is highly likely that they got it when they least expected it. Not to say that anybody expects or welcomes it.


But you will be moving on with your life after probably a retirement from your job. Then you find that you start losing sleep at night. Stress beckons you for no apparent reason. Hand tremors chip in. Anxiety becomes your close ally and the next minute, your legs are so stiff that you cannot walk or get up from where you are sitted.

The doctors put you on levodopa and carbidopa but you have to wait for a long time after taking them before they finally kick in. It is surely a rough patch.

And then you will hear that other people are taking cbd oil to alleviate the symptoms and you will look through your country laws to ascertain that it is legal to take medical marijuana.

The tremor though is the one people often associate with. What with its set of problems such as inability to wear with ease, drink using a spoon or drink without the help of a caregiver.

In this post, we look at how to solve eating with Parkinson’s  disease.

  • Attach your plates to the table with sticky adhesive.

To avoid falling your plates, you seriously need to attach them with some adhesive to the table.

  • Use special spoons to eat

We have found the gyenno spoon to be a great adaptive living product. It is able to counteract your hand tremors by more than 80%. Therefore, eating becomes easier. And owing to the gyenno spoon reviews doing rounds online we have seen that most patients were actually able to go out on dates and enjoy themselves. All they had to do was carry their gyenno spoons and enjoy sumptuous meals at high end eateries.

Other than the gyenno spoon, there are also other great anti tremor cutleries such as the liftware which also uses motion sensors to detect tremor, there is also the bunmo weighted spoons that exert weight to beat out tremors.

  • Spill proof cups for adults--To drink, Parkinson’s patients can use the kangaroo anti spill cup that is designed in a way that it will not spill your drink. At the same time, it will hold stably onto the table without any wobbling. Your patient is therefore not likely to knock it down.

What to Look for in Bidet Toilet Seat

Lets say that you are looking for a bidet toilet system for someone who is disabled, bariatric or simply having trouble wiping. Then you are directed that bum washing toilet seats are the in thing and you find that there is a large collection of these bidet toilet seats online.

So what do you need to look into as you select your ultimate toileting solution?

  • smart solution

You are looking for a solution that is high tech and made of state of the art design, right? Then you need an electric bidet toilet seat that detects that you are sitting on it, will heat up the seat and also supply you with a good stream of hot water to wash your bum.

And when everything is said and done, it should dry you up without necessarily having to result to a toilet paper or washcloth.

Well, one toilet that we have found to embrace all these things is the alpha jx bidet toilet seat.

Combining awesomeness and high tech, it will heat up your toilet seat, wash you with just the desired water temperature and later dry you up with warm air.

  • sturdy material

The toilet needs be made with sturdy and durable material if you are to get true value for your money. I would go for polypropylene which has countlessly been proven to be a great material that will last for eons and eons to come.

  • Weight of the person using it

For morbidly obese or those people with extra weight, they would be looking for a toilet seat that would support up to 400lbs of weight, right? In this case, they would be looking for heavy duty bidet systems.

  • Ergonomic

Disabled or handicapped people using the bidet system would want something that is comfortable and ergonomic. They therefore want the toilet seat to be a little bit raised and a little padded so that it does not exert that much pressure on their bodies.

  • LED nighlight

You want a bidet system that you will be able to use at anytime of the day whether it is in the day or at night. Well, with most of the bidet toilet seats that are retailing at amazon, they have these special nighlight so that you can use them at night.

Toys for Autistic Teenagers

Lets say that your teenager is autistic and you have learnt to live with it and accept things the way they are.

Because finally in life, you will just find yourself accepting how things are and appreciating them.

So over the years, you have learnt to live with the nuances of autism.

Probably you have tried everything under the sun.

You have even thought that doctors might one day come up with a medicine.

But you have been told countlessly that there is no cure for the condition.

So you have accepted facts and let them be facts.

You have also taken them for speech therapy, through the nemechek protocol.

You have informed your work colleagues, family and friends and everyone has adapted to live with the boy.

Autism in Teenage Need More Focus

And now comes teenage years.

Like a normal neurotypical child, the kid will also want to associate with others, to play and to relate with opposite gender.

They will also have their dreams and aspirations.

And you will just have to let them be because the age allows them to have all those things.

But then they will have trouble fidgeting and wanting to look like normal kids.

Fortunately there is a battalion of toys for autistic teenagers that can take care of this.

So, what toys are you likely to buy them that will really transform their lives as well as be immensely appreciated?

Lets dig into this.

  • Compression vests

One thing you hasve come to understand about autism is that there is a lot of stimming and fidgeting. Anytime the kid is in a new environment say college, disco or friends place, they are likely to have a sensory overload. And you will have to take care of it.

The best solution would be getting the child a compression vest that they wear. A compression vest is nothing but a weighted jacket. What it does it that it makes the child feel calm and relaxed despite all that is happening around them.

  • Noise reducing earmuffs

New loud sounds are going to make your autistic teen anxious and have meltdowns. You can control this by getting them some good noise cancelling headphones. A good pair should have the noise reduction rating at between 20 to 26. If less, it will not muffle any sounds and the child will not be focused. At the same time, if it is rated at above 26, it is too dangerous as it will muffle all sounds which could be risky.

  • Distraction toys

Distraction toys are good for kids who fidget as they will reduce the stimming since the child will focus better on the toy rather than any other distractions.

  • Anxiety calming lap pads

In the same breath of calming your child, get a weighted lap pad. They could have this placed on their laps while in class or at the movies or even in the school bus. It ensures that the child is calm and the pressure from the weight makes them relaxed and not move up and down.

  • Weighted blankets

While sleeping, the child could have a calming weighted blanket. It serves the same purpose of getting the child relaxed and not suffer from insomnia.

How to Keep Cats Away from Your Baby

Let’s face it; that furry pet you keep at home will ultimately get too close to your kid.

And while this could be said to be a cute thing, it could also portend all forms of dangers.

A cat in its playful way might unknowingly scratch the tender skin of your little one. And that could lead to sure howling of the baby as well potential infections on the baby skin.

Lets also not forget that cats could be little dirty things. What with their movements up and down the house, on the ceiling, at the backyard. You do not want the cat to place its dirty paws on your cute little angel, do you?

I am pretty sure that you do not.

Your kid could also be allergic to the pet dander (hair, fur, dead skin and all that coming from the animal) and you do not really want to guess what will happen next.

Why, because you will be dealing with one antihistamine after the other, countless trips to the doctor and a litany of reprimands by medical professionals.

And who really wants that?

Simply nobody.

That is why it is important to keep the two from each other.

Yes, you love them both.

Equally but in different ways.

But come on, let’s keep oranges and lemons away from each other.

Never next to each other.


Keeping cats away from your little ones

So, how are you going to achieve this:

Have a room solely for the baby

As you prepare to welcome new born baby to your home, you need to set out a room solely for the baby.

For that specific room, you want no pet going in there.  Be it a dog, cat, parrot or whatever else you got.

You also would want to tell your other bigger kids that if they are going to the baby’s room, they should be free of pets or their dander since they could cause allergies to your little one.

And everytime you leave the room, make sure to close the door behind you since cats could stealthily crawl in and wreak havoc.

Have a cat proof bassinet

In trying to keep cats away from babies, bassinet making companies have come up with cat proof bassinets. Now the one structural thing about a cat proof bassinet is that its canopy is sturdy enough so that even if a cat was to jump over it, nothing would cave in.

At the same time, the cover is usually breathable but with such a fine mesh that the cat would not be able to get its paw on the baby. So, all that it can do is ogle lovingly at the baby and keep away.

You can head over to to your local baby shop and window shop for one of these necessary baby products.

Invest in a good air purifier

As you try to fight off pet dander from getting into contact with your baby, you seriously need to think of investing in a good air purifier that has true HEPA filters. A good example of recommended air purifier that you could probably invest in is a honeywell hpa 300 that has been shown to have three true hepa filters for filtering away dust, pollen and dander from your air as well as a carbon prefilter to get rid of odors.

A HEPA filter is going to sieve out all allergenic impurities such as dust, pollen grains and cat dander from the air. With such an air purifier, you are assured that what your baby is inhaling is pure and clean.

How to have a great night sleep

Sleep has been said to be the best way to keep stress at bay and to maintain your productivity at high levels. Arianna Huffington has penned a book on the importance of sleep by the name the sleep revolution where she insists that we need to be sleeping more to thrive.

She even goes ahead to narrate a story on how she fell and broke a bone due to insufficient sleep.

Arianna is not the only person who knows the importance of sleep. Most successful entrepreneurs swear by sleep and even go ahead to take power naps every afternoon. So, let’s look at things that you need to look into if you are sleeping to a goodnight sleep.

  • Keep the air in your bedroom pure and odourless

People who live with chain smokers might find that they are not able to inhale smoke free air. While this makes sleeping difficult, it also poses a threat on the health of one’s lungs.

One of the ways to make the air in your bedroom pure, smoke and dust free is by having an air purifier. We found a review of the Honeywell purifier with true heap filters which is said to be the best thing that would help keep your room air clean.

  • Keep off all the tech from your bedroom

You should avoid having woofers, television sets, smart phones and laptops from your bedroom. This way, your sleep is not distracted by any news, messages or social media notifications. You need to start treating your bedroom as a sanctuary where you rest your body and mind so that you will feel revived and rejuvenated for another day.

  • Have a sleep routine

It could be that you read before sleeping, do some HIIT or maybe you lift weights so that you can then drift to slumber land. Well, it doesn’t matter but could you kindly make it a routine?

With a routine, your body will get acclimatized to this so that when  you engage in the routine, your body will slowly rest for sleep.

  • Read only hard copy books

Avoid going to bed with ebooks. I think it is now clear that no tech products should get into your bedroom. So that pushes ebooks out of the equation.

Instead you could do physical hard copies for your reading and enjoyment.  The great thing about hardcopies is that they are friendly to the eye and do not produce any blue light that night hurt your eyes

  • Keep lights to the minimum or out

Your bedroom is no disco or operating room where they need colourful or harsh lights. No, it is a sleeping area where your eyes get accustomed that with darkness comes sleep.

Therapeutic toys for cerebral palsy

Other than offering play and fun, toys can be therapeutic devices for kids with cerebral palsy. They can help with fostering pretend games, give companionship as well as help with coordination and cognitive ability growth. It is therefore of importance that as a parent, you select the best toys for cerebral palsy kids.

In this post, we look at how some of these toys help with cp therapy.

Kids with cerebral palsy will need toys that will enhance their fine motor skills, speech as well as upper body movement. When you get your kid with cerebral palsy some legos block, you are also helping the kid with coordination since they are able to learn how things are supposed to be well coordinated.

Watching my kid build bungalows and flats of apartments using legos block, I cannot help but just love how artistic the young fellow is growing up to be. I think he might grow to be an engineer, lol. He is able to learn that the big blocks should be used in the foundation while the thinner, smaller blocks come at the top. This helps with maintaining the centre of gravity and stability of the block building.

Musical toys help the kid with their artistry as well as memorizing words. This way, a kid who loves using musical toys is also slowly learning how to speak by imitating words in a song.

The use of puzzle games helps a child in growing their cognitive ability. They are able to use logic and know what matches where and what cannot go where.

Other than play toys, you can also get your kid some robotic toys for companionship. A kid with cerebral palsy might be so bored as they grow up. This is because normal kids might not want to associate with them. So the kid tends to be a loner and craves for someone to talk and play with. Robotic toys can offer help here. While we do not encourage that you abandon your child since you got them some robotic toy, the toy can be bought so that the kid spends some time with it when there are no people close to them.

Making Toileting a Good experience for the elderly

I always find some toilets to be just discriminatory. Simply because you are able to go low when you are emptying your bowels does not mean that everyone else is able to do so with ease. There are some people struggling. Yes, the struggle is real.

There are those who are just too obese to be able to do strenuous activities as go down when they want to relieve themselves. There are those who are elderly, disabled or even handicapped and therefore find it hard or even forget to wipe their bums after going to the toilet. There are others who have gone through some knee or hip surgery operations and therefore things get hard. Others have boils right in their anus and so things are quite tricky.

And that is why at Ilmercato restaurant, we try to understand all these groups of people and give them a toileting experience that is equalizing all without making it a tad difficult to defecate or get up after the exercise. And so we have some modifications that would suit all no matter the challenge that they might be going through.

So let us dig into the adaptations that we have brought on board.

  • Raised toilet seats for the elderly and handicapped

While the normal toilet seat is about 17” most of the elderly and handicapped people are not able to handle this. They want a toilet that is a little bit higher than this. And so we have in our restaurant some toilet seat risers that are about 5” high which are ideal for people who have heard knee and hip surgeries.

For people who have had the hip replacement operation, they are usually advised that they should not have their knees above their hips when they go to the toilet. With a standard sized toilet seat, this is not possible and their hips and knees do not make at least a 90 degrees angle as is recommended. This causes lots of pain to the patient and even makes it hard for them to get well.

  • Wiping aids

Obese peole find that their arms are quite short and really not able to go to their backs in order to wipe off their poop. So in such cases, the person if they do not find a solution will go ahead and shower or use a bidet to wipe themselves. But most do not like washing everytime they go to the toilet. So they are craving some nice custom solutions like the Buckingham toilet wipe that ensures the person is able to clean themselves even when they are not able to reach their perianal area.

What the Buckingham easywipe does is that it gives you extension to reach your bum. It is able to hold tightly both some toilet paper as well as wet wipes to clean your bum. Those who have used it really do praise it for making things quite easy for them

  • Bidet toilet seats

You do not have to carry some water around as you go to the toilet. No, with our bidet toilet seat attachments, you are able to sit tight, do your thing and then go ahead to wash with the attached bidet. It has remote control so that you do not have to touch anything. It is also electric and can therefore warm your water so that you do not have to use chilly water that might make you catch a cold wiping.

On top of all these, the bidet has warm air for drying your butt after you are done. So you are able to go back to your activities when you are neat and clean. We have added deodorizers so that the toilet and you will smell awesomely good and no one needs to know where you exactly were.

The Shame of Male Incontinence and How to Deal With it

Understanding Male Incontinence, how to cure and live with it

If there is one thing that really destroys a man’s ego and makes their self esteem hit rock bottom, it is the inability to control their bladder and the thought of wearing male incontinence diapers that comes with this disability. The condition unsettles a man. It makes them feel vulnerable and weak. Though aged women might also have to battle with the condition, they are a little bit more ready now that they are used to wearing sanitary diapers, could get incontinence due to fistula and other medical conditions. But for a man, it never gives them time to be ready to battle with it. And so they start leaving in denial, self-pity and what-not.

How urine flows

In order to understand incontinence, we need to first understand how urine flows. Urine comes from the kidneys which play a key role of filtering. So the kidney filters toxins and forms urine that goes to the bladder. Once the bladder is full, a signal is sent to the brain which then instructs the urethra on the penis to let out the urine. This is when you feel the urge to urinate. For incontinent people, the signalling is not good and so their bladders get filled up without their knowledge and spills over the urine through their urethra.

It could also be:

That your bladder squeezes too hard at the wrong time when it aint full yet

Muscles around your urethra aren’t working too well

Your bladder doesn’t get empty when it should do

Your urinary tract didnt form really well when you were in your mother’s womb.

What causes male incontinence

According to Medicinenet, here are the possible causes of male incontinence at night:

  1. Weak or damaged bladder muscles
  2. Prostrate issues
  3. Nerve damage esp those men with diabetes
  4. Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis
  5. Overactive bladder where it pushes at the wrong time involuntarily without you wanting to urinate.

Different types of urine incontinence

Urinary incontinence is of different types which we explore here:

Urge incontinence— in this case, you feel the urge to go to the toilet all the times. At times, the urge is so fast that you are not able to reach the toilet before you wet your pants.

Stress incontinence

This occurs when you stress some parts of your body. For example say a sneeze causing you to urinate on yourself, standing up or coughing. It is cause stress incontinence because it occurs after you have stressed your urethra by standing, sitting, sneezing ,coughing or even talking.

Functional incontinence–this type of men are able to hold up their urine but not well enough so that they find that they are not able to control their bladders as well as they used to do sometimes back.

Overflow incontinence–this occurs when your bladder gets filled up without your knowledge or an alert from the central nervous system and this causes an overflow which you only note once you have wet your pants.

Mixed incontinence–this is a mixture of all the above named types of urinary incontinence.

Can male incontinence be cured?

According to Mayoclinic, the following treatments can be used for male incontinence

  1. Anticholinergics
  2. Mirabegron 
  3. Alpha blockers
  4. Topical estrogen

Adaptive living for men with incontience

1.Bladder training— this involves holding your urine in before letting it loose

2.Double voiding–where you empty your bladder and then try again to push it out. This ensures that it is completely empty. Personally, I have tried this where I ask my elderly to urinate three times in a day, and three times in the night. This helps to make sure that their bladders are being emptied even though the brain might not be sending signals to their bodies that they need to empty them.

3. Use of male incontinence guards. There are pouches that men who are incontinent can buy to help them control their bladders. Some of these include depends, prevail, maximum absorbency and tena male guards.

How to Choose the Best Recliner for a Tall Big Man

Most big and tall men encounter a real hassle when buying a recliner. This group of the population faces such issues not only with recliners but also with most other goods in the market. To make it easier for them, we have put in our time and expertise to ensure that we address their problems. The below guide seeks to help you in sourcing high-quality products when you are out there shopping for the best tall man recliner.

Why choose a sizeable sized recliner?

The large-sized reclines are the ultimate choice for the tall or big man because they help ease back pains and are generally more comfortable than office chairs. In comparison to standard recliners, the large-sized one is suitable for a large man because it offers much-needed support and is safe for maximum relaxation.

When one is big and tall, the standard furniture will not offer you the comfort and support your body needs. Despite this, we believe that every man should be able to access a recliner that gives him all the comfort and rest he needs to relax.

If you are wondering how to choose the best recliner for a big and tall man, you are in the right place.

With millions of recliner available in the market here are some of the bases to help you choose the best recliner

Size and the weight capacity

There are numerous recliners designed explicitly with the tall big man in mind. Such recliners measure way above the average recliner seat for maximum support and comfort. Always check the weight capacity of the recliner to ensure that you get one according to your weight and comfort.

Quality and durability

A good recliner should not only be of unique quality but also offer you’re the best services for a very long time. As you look around to make sure that your choice is constructed using sturdy materials with metal frames for more reinforcement. Soft, high-quality leather is a preferred choice for more softness and durable.


Among the things that will play a vital role in the comfort of your recliner is the back of the recliner, the second part is its footrest and other supporting structures.  To help you zero in, you can look at the stuffed back as well as the arm cushions. Some recliners have over resiliency foam cushions, as well as the warmth of supply microfibers made from polyester.  You should be able to adjust to any position for maximum comfort.

Rich functionality

Always be on the watch out for the variety of features that make your recliner even more special.  Imagine one with a pull tab reclining motion when you want that well-deserved nap. Talking about features, if you want a more out of the world experience, you can choose one that eases you back with just a simple touch of a button.

Easy to assemble

Some models are enticing when they are in the shop. However, they can quickly become a nightmare when you set out to assemble. Look for one with easy instruction on how to assemble and has all the hardware and tools required.


The above valuable information will help you in choosing the perfect big and tall recliner for maximum comfort .posture and health.