When one has Parkinson’s disease, it is highly likely that they got it when they least expected it. Not to say that anybody expects or welcomes it.


But you will be moving on with your life after probably a retirement from your job. Then you find that you start losing sleep at night. Stress beckons you for no apparent reason. Hand tremors chip in. Anxiety becomes your close ally and the next minute, your legs are so stiff that you cannot walk or get up from where you are sitted.

The doctors put you on levodopa and carbidopa but you have to wait for a long time after taking them before they finally kick in. It is surely a rough patch.

And then you will hear that other people are taking cbd oil to alleviate the symptoms and you will look through your country laws to ascertain that it is legal to take medical marijuana.

The tremor though is the one people often associate with. What with its set of problems such as inability to wear with ease, drink using a spoon or drink without the help of a caregiver.

In this post, we look at how to solve eating with Parkinson’s  disease.

  • Attach your plates to the table with sticky adhesive.

To avoid falling your plates, you seriously need to attach them with some adhesive to the table.

  • Use special spoons to eat

We have found the gyenno spoon to be a great adaptive living product. It is able to counteract your hand tremors by more than 80%. Therefore, eating becomes easier. And owing to the gyenno spoon reviews doing rounds online we have seen that most patients were actually able to go out on dates and enjoy themselves. All they had to do was carry their gyenno spoons and enjoy sumptuous meals at high end eateries.

Other than the gyenno spoon, there are also other great anti tremor cutleries such as the liftware which also uses motion sensors to detect tremor, there is also the bunmo weighted spoons that exert weight to beat out tremors.

  • Spill proof cups for adults--To drink, Parkinson’s patients can use the kangaroo anti spill cup that is designed in a way that it will not spill your drink. At the same time, it will hold stably onto the table without any wobbling. Your patient is therefore not likely to knock it down.

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