If you thought that getting your golfing grips was tough simply because you are suffering from hyperhidrosis or are playing the game in the most humid of temperatures, then you have not met an arthritic person trying to get golf grips that are going to suit them. For one, they are suffering from joint stiffness and man, isn’t arthritis painful! So coupled with looking for grips that are made of durable material, are of optimal size, have good firmness and offer good traction, they also have to look for something that is arthritis friendly; something that is not going to aggravate the hurt in their joints but is going to give them something to exercise those joints!

In this post therefore, I will dig into what are the key things that you need to look into when buying your best arthritic golf grips.

  • Size

Most golfers will tell you that size is the number one thing that you need to pay close attention when you are buying golfing grips. And sure, size is. You see you need to have an optimal size that is going to get you the right shots while not overdoing it or underdoing it. Too small size will underdo your shot and push you behind the competition by a few shots. You go for extra big sizes and again the story does not get any better.

  • Firmness

We usually say that the medium firm grips are the best to work with. But when you have arthritis, they might not be. Actually, the soft grip grips which are looked down upon by professional golfers might turn out to be your thing. Why? You want comfort. You want comfortable grips that are going to be soft and gentle on your arms and therefore you can lax a little about the performance.

  • Texture of the grips

Medium texture of the golf grips give you that much needed traction and tackiness that enable you to hold the golf club easily without it slipping away. It also enables you to have the best shots possible. While soft texture might be great since it is also gentle on our hands, you might find that the club is slipping away everytime you want to make a hit.

  • Weight

When you have arthritis, you have to think of the extra weight that the grip is going to add to your club. Experts advise on your getting lightweight grips that are not going to overburden your hands with too much weighty grips.

  • Shock absorption capacity

You want grips that are going to dampen the vibration so that it is not transferred to your arthritic joints aggravating the pain that you already have.

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