Lets say that you are looking for a bidet toilet system for someone who is disabled, bariatric or simply having trouble wiping. Then you are directed that bum washing toilet seats are the in thing and you find that there is a large collection of these bidet toilet seats online.

So what do you need to look into as you select your ultimate toileting solution?

  • smart solution

You are looking for a solution that is high tech and made of state of the art design, right? Then you need an electric bidet toilet seat that detects that you are sitting on it, will heat up the seat and also supply you with a good stream of hot water to wash your bum.

And when everything is said and done, it should dry you up without necessarily having to result to a toilet paper or washcloth.

Well, one toilet that we have found to embrace all these things is the alpha jx bidet toilet seat.

Combining awesomeness and high tech, it will heat up your toilet seat, wash you with just the desired water temperature and later dry you up with warm air.

  • sturdy material

The toilet needs be made with sturdy and durable material if you are to get true value for your money. I would go for polypropylene which has countlessly been proven to be a great material that will last for eons and eons to come.

  • Weight of the person using it

For morbidly obese or those people with extra weight, they would be looking for a toilet seat that would support up to 400lbs of weight, right? In this case, they would be looking for heavy duty bidet systems.

  • Ergonomic

Disabled or handicapped people using the bidet system would want something that is comfortable and ergonomic. They therefore want the toilet seat to be a little bit raised and a little padded so that it does not exert that much pressure on their bodies.

  • LED nighlight

You want a bidet system that you will be able to use at anytime of the day whether it is in the day or at night. Well, with most of the bidet toilet seats that are retailing at amazon, they have these special nighlight so that you can use them at night.

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