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Toilet Hygiene at Ilmercato Restaurant

It is only in a hotel setting where you shit where you eat without a compromise on the hygiene. At Ilmercato, we know how important it is that where you are eating is hygienic and clean. But so should also be the place where you are emptying your bowels.

So, our toilets are state of the art, convenient and near you so that you do not have to travel miles and miles to just get a place to relieve yourself after your tummy is full. We know this. And since we are accommodative of all types of people, races, religions, gender and ages, we know how important it is to be diverse in our washrooms. Some of American people just want to go to the toilet, find a seat and a tissue close by which they can reach afterwards.

Europeans and Asians might not want the seat but a place where they squat, relieve themselves and later on use a bidet to wipe themselves with water. They will then use some reusable family cloths to wipe.

Others do not want to hear of these two, they want to shower with soap and they are good to go.

There is also that class of metrosexual men that have heard of the dude wet wipes and they want to use them to wipe their bums after a number 2 at the toilet because they have read this article on Hosiped and found it that wet wipes leave them clean, flesh and feeling adequately sanitized.

And who are we not to grant all these groups of people their wishes?

So what do you find in our washrooms?

Toilets with seats for those who want that. Since we also cater for the seniors, you are also likely to find guard rails that the senior can grasp on when they feel like falling. We also have special seat risers with removable arms if you have an elderly resident who has gone some surgical operation and would not fit in a normal toilet.

We have the lowered toilets where one has to squat. There are some people who do not like the idea of sitting on a toilet since they feel it hygienic considering that other people come and sit there. They also do not want to contract UTIs from water that might splash from the toilet seat.

Toilet paper. Since there are those people who still like using the good old toilet paper, we let them be. We have high quality toilet paper in each hotel room and they are continually restocked by our room keepers.

Bidets. Some people want to wash their butts with a bidet after a bowel emptying. That is why we have our high quality bidets to serve them.

Family cloths: We have that class of people who do not want to use toilet paper, wipes but rather family cloths. We also take care of their needs since our cloths are always available and can be used to wipe your face, after the gym etc.

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