Sleep has been said to be the best way to keep stress at bay and to maintain your productivity at high levels. Arianna Huffington has penned a book on the importance of sleep by the name the sleep revolution where she insists that we need to be sleeping more to thrive.

She even goes ahead to narrate a story on how she fell and broke a bone due to insufficient sleep.

Arianna is not the only person who knows the importance of sleep. Most successful entrepreneurs swear by sleep and even go ahead to take power naps every afternoon. So, let’s look at things that you need to look into if you are sleeping to a goodnight sleep.

  • Keep the air in your bedroom pure and odourless

People who live with chain smokers might find that they are not able to inhale smoke free air. While this makes sleeping difficult, it also poses a threat on the health of one’s lungs.

One of the ways to make the air in your bedroom pure, smoke and dust free is by having an air purifier. We found a review of the Honeywell purifier with true heap filters which is said to be the best thing that would help keep your room air clean.

  • Keep off all the tech from your bedroom

You should avoid having woofers, television sets, smart phones and laptops from your bedroom. This way, your sleep is not distracted by any news, messages or social media notifications. You need to start treating your bedroom as a sanctuary where you rest your body and mind so that you will feel revived and rejuvenated for another day.

  • Have a sleep routine

It could be that you read before sleeping, do some HIIT or maybe you lift weights so that you can then drift to slumber land. Well, it doesn’t matter but could you kindly make it a routine?

With a routine, your body will get acclimatized to this so that when  you engage in the routine, your body will slowly rest for sleep.

  • Read only hard copy books

Avoid going to bed with ebooks. I think it is now clear that no tech products should get into your bedroom. So that pushes ebooks out of the equation.

Instead you could do physical hard copies for your reading and enjoyment.  The great thing about hardcopies is that they are friendly to the eye and do not produce any blue light that night hurt your eyes

  • Keep lights to the minimum or out

Your bedroom is no disco or operating room where they need colourful or harsh lights. No, it is a sleeping area where your eyes get accustomed that with darkness comes sleep.

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