Let’s face it; that furry pet you keep at home will ultimately get too close to your kid.

And while this could be said to be a cute thing, it could also portend all forms of dangers.

A cat in its playful way might unknowingly scratch the tender skin of your little one. And that could lead to sure howling of the baby as well potential infections on the baby skin.

Lets also not forget that cats could be little dirty things. What with their movements up and down the house, on the ceiling, at the backyard. You do not want the cat to place its dirty paws on your cute little angel, do you?

I am pretty sure that you do not.

Your kid could also be allergic to the pet dander (hair, fur, dead skin and all that coming from the animal) and you do not really want to guess what will happen next.

Why, because you will be dealing with one antihistamine after the other, countless trips to the doctor and a litany of reprimands by medical professionals.

And who really wants that?

Simply nobody.

That is why it is important to keep the two from each other.

Yes, you love them both.

Equally but in different ways.

But come on, let’s keep oranges and lemons away from each other.

Never next to each other.


Keeping cats away from your little ones

So, how are you going to achieve this:

Have a room solely for the baby

As you prepare to welcome new born baby to your home, you need to set out a room solely for the baby.

For that specific room, you want no pet going in there.  Be it a dog, cat, parrot or whatever else you got.

You also would want to tell your other bigger kids that if they are going to the baby’s room, they should be free of pets or their dander since they could cause allergies to your little one.

And everytime you leave the room, make sure to close the door behind you since cats could stealthily crawl in and wreak havoc.

Have a cat proof bassinet

In trying to keep cats away from babies, bassinet making companies have come up with cat proof bassinets. Now the one structural thing about a cat proof bassinet is that its canopy is sturdy enough so that even if a cat was to jump over it, nothing would cave in.

At the same time, the cover is usually breathable but with such a fine mesh that the cat would not be able to get its paw on the baby. So, all that it can do is ogle lovingly at the baby and keep away.

You can head over to to your local baby shop and window shop for one of these necessary baby products.

Invest in a good air purifier

As you try to fight off pet dander from getting into contact with your baby, you seriously need to think of investing in a good air purifier that has true HEPA filters. A good example of recommended air purifier that you could probably invest in is a honeywell hpa 300 that has been shown to have three true hepa filters for filtering away dust, pollen and dander from your air as well as a carbon prefilter to get rid of odors.

A HEPA filter is going to sieve out all allergenic impurities such as dust, pollen grains and cat dander from the air. With such an air purifier, you are assured that what your baby is inhaling is pure and clean.

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