I always find some toilets to be just discriminatory. Simply because you are able to go low when you are emptying your bowels does not mean that everyone else is able to do so with ease. There are some people struggling. Yes, the struggle is real.

There are those who are just too obese to be able to do strenuous activities as go down when they want to relieve themselves. There are those who are elderly, disabled or even handicapped and therefore find it hard or even forget to wipe their bums after going to the toilet. There are others who have gone through some knee or hip surgery operations and therefore things get hard. Others have boils right in their anus and so things are quite tricky.

And that is why at Ilmercato restaurant, we try to understand all these groups of people and give them a toileting experience that is equalizing all without making it a tad difficult to defecate or get up after the exercise. And so we have some modifications that would suit all no matter the challenge that they might be going through.

So let us dig into the adaptations that we have brought on board.

  • Raised toilet seats for the elderly and handicapped

While the normal toilet seat is about 17” most of the elderly and handicapped people are not able to handle this. They want a toilet that is a little bit higher than this. And so we have in our restaurant some toilet seat risers that are about 5” high which are ideal for people who have heard knee and hip surgeries.

For people who have had the hip replacement operation, they are usually advised that they should not have their knees above their hips when they go to the toilet. With a standard sized toilet seat, this is not possible and their hips and knees do not make at least a 90 degrees angle as is recommended. This causes lots of pain to the patient and even makes it hard for them to get well.

  • Wiping aids

Obese peole find that their arms are quite short and really not able to go to their backs in order to wipe off their poop. So in such cases, the person if they do not find a solution will go ahead and shower or use a bidet to wipe themselves. But most do not like washing everytime they go to the toilet. So they are craving some nice custom solutions like the Buckingham toilet wipe that ensures the person is able to clean themselves even when they are not able to reach their perianal area.

What the Buckingham easywipe does is that it gives you extension to reach your bum. It is able to hold tightly both some toilet paper as well as wet wipes to clean your bum. Those who have used it really do praise it for making things quite easy for them

  • Bidet toilet seats

You do not have to carry some water around as you go to the toilet. No, with our bidet toilet seat attachments, you are able to sit tight, do your thing and then go ahead to wash with the attached bidet. It has remote control so that you do not have to touch anything. It is also electric and can therefore warm your water so that you do not have to use chilly water that might make you catch a cold wiping.

On top of all these, the bidet has warm air for drying your butt after you are done. So you are able to go back to your activities when you are neat and clean. We have added deodorizers so that the toilet and you will smell awesomely good and no one needs to know where you exactly were.

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