Want to Wipe but Hands too Short?

We have already discussed the different ways that we look at hygiene at our hotel since we are geared to make your stay here as best as possible. But then there are always problems here and there even we want to provide the best services. People with obesity usually do come and they have trouble wiping.

The first thing that we advise them is not to use tissues but rather wet wipes since they are way better and will help the person wipe cleanly. Other than use of that, we also advise them to think of using bidets that are installed in all our bathrooms. We have found them to be very effective and since our hotel are open to people from all denominations, do not feel stigmatized carrying a lota or using a bidet to do your think in the toilet. No one is going to ask you or look at you in a funny way.

Different Wiping aids for people with Obesity or disability

We can advise you on the different wiping aids for obese or disabled people. Some of these include the bottom buddy, the freedom wand, the juvo toilet aid with caddy as well as the Buckingham easywipe butt wiper when one is travelling.

All these butt wipers are long enough so as to extend to your butt hole so that you can wipe with ease even despite your disability. The bottom buddy is for example 11 inches while the freedom wand is approximately 21 inches since it has an extender. They also come with a small bag that you can pack into for easy storage as well as for when you are on a trip.

The best that I would approve for those who are looking to use a wiping aid is the freedom wand since it can be used for wiping your anus, shaving aid, for applying ointment as well as a washing aid to reach your back. The downside is that it is rather expensive and if you are on a budget, I would advise you to use the bottom buddy toilet tissue aid which you can see reviewed here.

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