Understanding Male Incontinence, how to cure and live with it

If there is one thing that really destroys a man’s ego and makes their self esteem hit rock bottom, it is the inability to control their bladder and the thought of wearing male incontinence diapers that comes with this disability. The condition unsettles a man. It makes them feel vulnerable and weak. Though aged women might also have to battle with the condition, they are a little bit more ready now that they are used to wearing sanitary diapers, could get incontinence due to fistula and other medical conditions. But for a man, it never gives them time to be ready to battle with it. And so they start leaving in denial, self-pity and what-not.

How urine flows

In order to understand incontinence, we need to first understand how urine flows. Urine comes from the kidneys which play a key role of filtering. So the kidney filters toxins and forms urine that goes to the bladder. Once the bladder is full, a signal is sent to the brain which then instructs the urethra on the penis to let out the urine. This is when you feel the urge to urinate. For incontinent people, the signalling is not good and so their bladders get filled up without their knowledge and spills over the urine through their urethra.

It could also be:

That your bladder squeezes too hard at the wrong time when it aint full yet

Muscles around your urethra aren’t working too well

Your bladder doesn’t get empty when it should do

Your urinary tract didnt form really well when you were in your mother’s womb.

What causes male incontinence

According to Medicinenet, here are the possible causes of male incontinence at night:

  1. Weak or damaged bladder muscles
  2. Prostrate issues
  3. Nerve damage esp those men with diabetes
  4. Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis
  5. Overactive bladder where it pushes at the wrong time involuntarily without you wanting to urinate.

Different types of urine incontinence

Urinary incontinence is of different types which we explore here:

Urge incontinence— in this case, you feel the urge to go to the toilet all the times. At times, the urge is so fast that you are not able to reach the toilet before you wet your pants.

Stress incontinence

This occurs when you stress some parts of your body. For example say a sneeze causing you to urinate on yourself, standing up or coughing. It is cause stress incontinence because it occurs after you have stressed your urethra by standing, sitting, sneezing ,coughing or even talking.

Functional incontinence–this type of men are able to hold up their urine but not well enough so that they find that they are not able to control their bladders as well as they used to do sometimes back.

Overflow incontinence–this occurs when your bladder gets filled up without your knowledge or an alert from the central nervous system and this causes an overflow which you only note once you have wet your pants.

Mixed incontinence–this is a mixture of all the above named types of urinary incontinence.

Can male incontinence be cured?

According to Mayoclinic, the following treatments can be used for male incontinence

  1. Anticholinergics
  2. Mirabegron 
  3. Alpha blockers
  4. Topical estrogen

Adaptive living for men with incontience

1.Bladder training— this involves holding your urine in before letting it loose

2.Double voiding–where you empty your bladder and then try again to push it out. This ensures that it is completely empty. Personally, I have tried this where I ask my elderly to urinate three times in a day, and three times in the night. This helps to make sure that their bladders are being emptied even though the brain might not be sending signals to their bodies that they need to empty them.

3. Use of male incontinence guards. There are pouches that men who are incontinent can buy to help them control their bladders. Some of these include depends, prevail, maximum absorbency and tena male guards.

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