Other than offering play and fun, toys can be therapeutic devices for kids with cerebral palsy. They can help with fostering pretend games, give companionship as well as help with coordination and cognitive ability growth. It is therefore of importance that as a parent, you select the best toys for cerebral palsy kids.

In this post, we look at how some of these toys help with cp therapy.

Kids with cerebral palsy will need toys that will enhance their fine motor skills, speech as well as upper body movement. When you get your kid with cerebral palsy some legos block, you are also helping the kid with coordination since they are able to learn how things are supposed to be well coordinated.

Watching my kid build bungalows and flats of apartments using legos block, I cannot help but just love how artistic the young fellow is growing up to be. I think he might grow to be an engineer, lol. He is able to learn that the big blocks should be used in the foundation while the thinner, smaller blocks come at the top. This helps with maintaining the centre of gravity and stability of the block building.

Musical toys help the kid with their artistry as well as memorizing words. This way, a kid who loves using musical toys is also slowly learning how to speak by imitating words in a song.

The use of puzzle games helps a child in growing their cognitive ability. They are able to use logic and know what matches where and what cannot go where.

Other than play toys, you can also get your kid some robotic toys for companionship. A kid with cerebral palsy might be so bored as they grow up. This is because normal kids might not want to associate with them. So the kid tends to be a loner and craves for someone to talk and play with. Robotic toys can offer help here. While we do not encourage that you abandon your child since you got them some robotic toy, the toy can be bought so that the kid spends some time with it when there are no people close to them.

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