At Ilmercato restaurant, we are all about your fulfillment: good foods, entertainment as well as sports to keep your body healthy and strong. So in our post today, we look at how you can keep up good health with a sport that is as old as history, yet very enjoyable–skateboarding. Well tell you expert tips on choosing the right size of a skateboard helmet.

Importance of a skateboard helmet

Skateboard helmet is a crucial protective gear that you should always put on whenever you are skateboarding to make sure that you are safe from injuries that may occur due to falling. Regardless of your level of being a beginner in skateboarding or a pro, wearing the best skateboard helmet is always a must since accidents do happen no matter the experience you may have. Different brands of helmets are available in the market that will provide you with safety and style of your choice.

Proper measurement of your head to find a well fitting helmet is necessary as will assure you of maximum protection of your head. The brand you will decide to go for must be fitting well and should have protective padding, fit snugly, be low across the forehead and must not shift around when you are skating.

Make sure to replace your skating helmet regularly when it is damaged due to an impact or becomes smaller.

How to measure your head for a fitting skateboard helmet

Putting on a well fitting helmet is very important as it guarantees your safety in case you fall while skateboarding. The size of helmet to buy will be determined by the size of your head. Whether you’re purchasing the best kids skateboard helmets or skating helmets for kids, the size of the skateboard is vital. The sizes of helmets varies from one brand to another but knowing the size of your head makes it easy when choosing a skateboard helmet since many brands have a sizing chart. In a case where you decide to purchase online then knowing your size enables you choose a properly fitting helmet.

Steps in measuring your head size

  1. Wrap a soft tape measure around your forehead. Make sure it rests over the ears and eyebrows since that is where your helmet will rest. The measure level you should keep is from the front to back of the head. The wrapping should not be too tight or loose. For US and UK make sure that the circumference is recorded in terms of inches and in centimeters for Europe.
  2. Follow the above steps by using a string if you can’t access a tape measure. Wrap it properly around your head then mark it. Measure it against a ruler to find the correct measurement.
  3. If you are not able to measure your head with either a tape measure or a ruler then a hat can help you know your head size since some hats do have size tags which will help you estimate the size of your helmet.

Safety laws for skateboard helmet

Laws vary from one state to another or from one country to the other. Best skateboard helmets are mandatory in some states to riders of certain ages. For states such as California, fewer than 18 riders are required by law to always put on helmets that are CPSC- certified. Make sure that your helmet meets the CPSC regulation and should have EPS protective liner and the regulations of your state before ordering. Picking a whole set of skateboard pads is always recommended as it assures you of maximum safety.


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