Lets say that your teenager is autistic and you have learnt to live with it and accept things the way they are.

Because finally in life, you will just find yourself accepting how things are and appreciating them.

So over the years, you have learnt to live with the nuances of autism.

Probably you have tried everything under the sun.

You have even thought that doctors might one day come up with a medicine.

But you have been told countlessly that there is no cure for the condition.

So you have accepted facts and let them be facts.

You have also taken them for speech therapy, through the nemechek protocol.

You have informed your work colleagues, family and friends and everyone has adapted to live with the boy.

Autism in Teenage Need More Focus

And now comes teenage years.

Like a normal neurotypical child, the kid will also want to associate with others, to play and to relate with opposite gender.

They will also have their dreams and aspirations.

And you will just have to let them be because the age allows them to have all those things.

But then they will have trouble fidgeting and wanting to look like normal kids.

Fortunately there is a battalion of toys for autistic teenagers that can take care of this.

So, what toys are you likely to buy them that will really transform their lives as well as be immensely appreciated?

Lets dig into this.

  • Compression vests

One thing you hasve come to understand about autism is that there is a lot of stimming and fidgeting. Anytime the kid is in a new environment say college, disco or friends place, they are likely to have a sensory overload. And you will have to take care of it.

The best solution would be getting the child a compression vest that they wear. A compression vest is nothing but a weighted jacket. What it does it that it makes the child feel calm and relaxed despite all that is happening around them.

  • Noise reducing earmuffs

New loud sounds are going to make your autistic teen anxious and have meltdowns. You can control this by getting them some good noise cancelling headphones. A good pair should have the noise reduction rating at between 20 to 26. If less, it will not muffle any sounds and the child will not be focused. At the same time, if it is rated at above 26, it is too dangerous as it will muffle all sounds which could be risky.

  • Distraction toys

Distraction toys are good for kids who fidget as they will reduce the stimming since the child will focus better on the toy rather than any other distractions.

  • Anxiety calming lap pads

In the same breath of calming your child, get a weighted lap pad. They could have this placed on their laps while in class or at the movies or even in the school bus. It ensures that the child is calm and the pressure from the weight makes them relaxed and not move up and down.

  • Weighted blankets

While sleeping, the child could have a calming weighted blanket. It serves the same purpose of getting the child relaxed and not suffer from insomnia.

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