Trampolines have been said to be great for children on the autism spectrum disorder because they help children spend lots of energy. The rebounder is also good in helping your child exercise their muscles and refine their motor skills.

Studies have also shown that bouncing on a trampoline could get your child excited, animated to the point of vocalizing more words. Parents of late talkers have therefore adopted the rebounder into their attempts to get their children to develop expressive language.

Reports written about trampoline therapy have shown that it is successful once you do it frequently while incorporating other forms of therapy such as speech or ABA.

Having a trampolining at the park comes with its set of challenges though. Mostly on safety. You will find that at the trampoline park, your kid is going to jump on a rebounder that is too crowded. There could be big children doing dangerous antics that your small child might copy unsafely. At the same time due to the crowding, your child could be hurt through fractures or even bruises as the bigger children do dangerous gymnastics and jumping antics.

A safer approach is to have a mini-trampoline that you kept indoors in your home. With a skybound trampoline, for example, your kid is able to stay contained and jump alone on the rebounder. The skybound mini trampoline is small enough for just one kid while still enhancing their safety by having nets as well as soft padding so that your child does not get hurt as they jump on your rebounder.

Still, safety needs to be looked into so that your child is jumping safely. Reports by the American Academy of Pediatrics have given certain suggestions to make your kid trampolining safe. While most of the suggestion are debatable, they are a good starting point that tells you how to do kid rebounding safe. So make sure to observe the following

  1. That the child is at least 6 years old. If they are younger, an adult should supervise them as they jump
  2. That your trampoline has safety nets and pads
  3. That your trampoline is not too high from the ground. At the same time, the ground should be soft enough. You could have a mattress or a good foam carpet so that in case your child falls off, they are not going to get that hurt by the hard ground.
  4. That your child jumps alone on the trampoline. If there are too many children, they should jump on the rebounder by giving each other chances
  5. That your child is only doing some simple jump antics. Difficult gymnastics are not to be tried.

Activities to do on your trampoline

Even though we state that your child should not do complicated antics on the trampoline, there are still lots of activities that they could try out. Some of these include

  1. Simple 100 jumps
  2. Jumping as the child dances
  3. Jumping as the child sings
  4. Jumping as they seat
  5. Jumping as the child counts or recites the ABCs to Z

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