As we always say, our commitment is to serve all our clients with dignity and give them the best service that they require. We do not discriminate on race, gender, religious affiliations or political background. We are open to all and we will serve you with utmost respect and dignity that you deserve.

In line with this, we have found that a large number of people in the country are affected by diseases such as dementia, arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s that make it difficult for them to eat or dine with dignity. They have to be fed by their caregivers and it gets really hard since they cannot fully enjoy the meals when they are being spoon fed as it makes them feel as though they are ever dependent on others.

At our Ilmercato restaurant, you can now dine with pleasure and at leisure since we have adaptive utensils that can be used by the above named groups of people. So the next time, you are looking for a place where you can take your arthritic mum for a dinner date then you need not worry since we will get you sorted. So what are our adaptive utensils?

Parkinson’s silverware

Our set of parkinson’s silverware enables you to eat with ease without having to fear your tremors. The PD silverware includes: spoon for tremors, fork and soup spoon that are smart to counteract tremors. The motion sensors are designed in a way such that you do not have to fear your trembling as it will be counteracted and reversed.

Non breaking plates

We have melamine non breaking plates so that arthritic patient does not have to eat with anxiety written all over their faces fearing that they might break the plate lest it falls. They also have rubber bottom that sticks on the table so they are not likely to slip away from the table. The tables are also designed such that you cannot have anything falling when the patient is eating.

Non slip cups for adults

Our cups are the sippy types where the elderly has ease drinking. The handles are non slip and so the person does not have to fear it falling and breaking,

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